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Product Description

Tumblr may be a social blogging platform that permits users to upload multimedia posts,
follow other users, and have interaction in communities without a number of the constraints
found on Twitter or Facebook.As a platform, Tumblr Accounts has been growing rapidly, and a
few retailers are now using the serviceas a part of their social media marketing efforts. While
there’s certainly no shortage of socialmedia sites that retailers can post to, there are five good reasons
to take a position resources in Tumblr.

Tumblr Accounts Engaging Rich Media

Tumblr allows users to post several sorts of content, including text, chat messages, quotes,
links, photographs, videos,and audio files. This ability to incorporate tons of rich media has
been particularly helpful for a few retailers.

Flexibility of Tumblr Accounts

Henry Ford was reported to possess said that customers could have the Model T in any color
they wanted, goodbye as theywanted black. In some sense, social media sites like Facebook
and Twitter have limited just what proportion customizing that retail brands — and other
users — can do. These limitation are available the shape of character restrictions, layout restrictions,
and color restrictions.

Advanced Email and Mobile Publishing

Social media marketing is one among the foremost powerful ways of engaging with customers.
But “engaging” is not any easy task and sometimes there’s something that you’d wish to post about,
but it’s just not convenient.
Tumblr has a superb email-or-text-based publishing system that creates it rather easy to post
good-looking items to a tumblog with ease. Even when doing so won’t be, as mentioned above,
convenient on other platforms.

This system makes use of Markdown, a text-to-HTML tool. So after a touch of practice, Tumblr
users can publish posts including some formatting from an email message or SMS. Tumblr also
can absorb audio files, quotes, and pictures that are attached to or within the email or text message.
you’ll even create audio posts (think mini podcast) over a telephone.

Post To and From Twitter and Facebook

Often online marketers will repeat content across several social media sites. for instance , a marketer
Could mention a blog post on Facebook then tweet it on Twitter.Tumblr posts should be no exception.
And, in fact, the platform makes it very easy to publish your posts to Facebook, Twitter, or an
RSS feed using Feed burner. What’s more, this integration may be a two way street since it also
can automatically republish what you’ve posted on Twitter, Facebook, or a blog — this works especially
well with WordPress.

Tumblr may be a Rising Star

Finally, Tumblr is one among the fastest growing social media platforms. it’s quite 20.3 million users that
blog there. On a typical day, Tumblr reaches about 250 million page views with something like 33 million new posts.


Phone Verified Accounts
USA Based Accounts
Full Profiled Accounts
48 Hrs warranty for Unused and Bad accounts


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